When Mother's Words Were No Longer Be Heard

August 30, 2012

The Sampang Riot

I still remember the words from the elder neighbour, when I was at young age. It's better for kids to be naughty, when they were still children, rather than they become naughty adults. That words suddenly came up in my mind after reading the news about what happened in Sampang, Madura Island, last Sunday, August 26, 2012.

Mass anarchist that have been acted by Ustadz Rois Alhukama's sunni muslims followers to his older brother's shia muslims followers, Ustadz Tajul Muluk, was made 1 man killed, some were injured, and more than 9 houses were burn, in Karang Gayam village, Sampang. The police had arrested Rois as the primary suspect, while his brother Tajul had been already received 2 years in jail conviction for sentence of blasphemy.

The riot actually was started because of personal matter between the 2 brothers who had been conflicted each other, then spreaded into their own religious belief, sunni and shia. According to Khairu Ummah, Tajul's and Rois' mother, little Rois was a decent boy, on the other hand, little Tajul was a naughty boy. She never thought that after they were adults, Rois became the one who never listened her words.

Ummah said that the riot will not happen, if her husband, Makmun was still alive. Makmun, who died 7 years ago, was the one who mediated when his sons conflicted. If only Father were still here, there would not be anything like this. Because of what Father had said, always be obeyed by the children. If it me who said so, it will be ignored by them, said Ummah, whose head was also injured by a thrown stone from angry mobs who attacked her house. I was so sad and embarrassed. It is a personal matter which has long tails, moreover, it involved in a life of a man, said Ummah to Harian Pagi Surya.

According to the Human Rights activist, the attact to Shia community was ever happened before, exactly in December 2011. The suspects were the same mobs. Only there're new mobs added due to many donations, said Vice Executive Director of Human Rights Working Group, Chairul Anam.

Meanwhile, Komnas HAM (Indonesian National Committee of Human Rights) claimed since earlier had already known that there were potential conflicts between Shia Muslims with other Sunni Muslims around them. Our recomendation was being ignored. Several our investigation results were never been reacted, until that attack was happened, said Chief of Komnas HAM, Ifdhal Kasim to Jawa Pos, in Jakarta.

The tolerance between religious Maduranese communities was very high. Maduranese Sunni muslims also memorized Shia muslims salawat, said Mahfud MD, Chairman of Mahkamah Konstitusional (Constitutional Court), a Maduranese figure, to Jawa Pos reporter.

Education is the key point for people who live in cultural diversity, to not get easily be provoked by well educated whom they called master.

If you are parents, teach your kids well enough educations! And not only from any institutions, but also from your own family educations and affections. Be parents that treated your children as friends, not like adults talked to kids!


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