5 Natural Dietary Supplements

May 17, 2012

Deluxe Fresh Fruit Basket

Many dietary supplements claim can restrain your appetite. But you should be careful, because not all supplements are safe to consume. There are even some of them which contain hazardous chemicals, and not listed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Keeping your appetite actually is not the right solution for slimming. Just like when you are doing a full day fasting, the desire of eating will be greater than before. Instead of taking healthy risk consuming drugs that have not clear safety, you better rely on natural ingredients that can be control your appetite. These 5 natural dietary supplements can help you to prevent from over-eating.



A fruit in which is rich in fiber and mono-unsaturated fat. The best natural food for retaining your eating desire, if taken in a reasonable amount, and in the proper way. Avocado is also used as a facial mask for a dry skin, and you may find it in some beauty products. Fat contained in avocados can send signals to the brain, and then inform you that your stomach is full. Limit the consumption of avocado by maximum of one fruit per day. Avoid of mixing avocado with milk chocolate, sugar or any other ingredients.


Gala Apples Fresh

Eating this fruit of evil is the most appropriate way to control the appetite. Apple contains lots of fiber, and low in carbohydrates, which are believed to be natural appetite control. The nutritionists recommend eating apple right away without cutting its skin first. Eating apple directly makes you harder in trying to eat and chew. The brain has more time to submit a sign that the stomach is full. The apple's crunchy texture is also capable of regulating glucose levels and improve energy level.


Mori-Nu Tofu

Tofu is a source of protein and contain isoflavones called genistein. This substance is also useful for retaining your eating desire that is not harmful, when compared with the pills, or supplements sold in the market. You can use tofu as a salad dressing to mix it with other vegetables.

Green Tea

Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea

Green tea can also help you to prevent excessive eating. The catechins in green tea can slow down the formation of glucose into fat cells. When the blood sugar is decreased and become stabilized, the appetite is automatically controlled.

Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence Supreme Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa

Please keep in mind, the kind of chocolate with 70% levels of chocolate powder. The original chocolate, not milk chocolate, or white chocolate. This food of the Gods is considered to be a natural barrier of appetite. Its bitter taste sends signals to the body, so that appetite can be controlled. Other benefit by eating dark chocolate, despite can help you lose weight, increasing libido, it also can slow premature aging, due to its content of high antioxidant.

Also keep in mind to drink a lot of water after consuming above natural supplements! Drinking water will also help you to lose your weight, to prevent you of becoming obesity, and to stay healthy without any drugs, or medications.


  1. Informative post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Follow each other.

  2. The first secret of fruits and veggies is simple, they’re nutrient dense. This means that for their weight, most produce is low in calories so you can eat a lot more when your diet is rich in veggies and fruits and still not consume a whole lot of calories. Just try that with chocolate. Thanks.


  3. I still don't get the reason why apple was used as a temptation from the book of genesis. As we can see, apple gives many health benefits and also great in salad. I love to eat avocado, in fact we have an avocado tree in our backyard.

    1. That's why it was the perfect temptation. It does not have any downsides

  4. I like your blog! I check it once in a while and always find interesting reading.


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