Walking in The St. Peter's Square

April 19, 2012

St. Peter's SquareImage from wikimedia.org

As long as I lived, the biggest hope for me is to visit Vatican. My mother always said to me, if you want to go there, you should have got a call from the Lord! The call of God? Would it means I have to become a priest? To become priest, we must have a call from the Lord.

Though not all priests able to go to the Vatican. My grandmother's brother, my mother's uncle, a bishop who blessed my marriage, was not on every month, or every year, he travelled to the Vatican.

The call of God? After all, if we are on the call of God, does that mean we are leaving from this world? Our duty in the world is finished! Though there are many our hopes that have not fulfilled. Walking in St. Peter's Square for instance.

What my mother had said to me, means that even if you already have enough money to be able to go there, it would not be achieved without the will of God, a calling from God. It is really true what has said by my mother. Although we already have enough money, we will never be satisfied with what we have been gained. We will forget all of our hopes of the beginning.

But I will never forget! One day I would stand in St. Peter's Square and carry the flag of Indonesia, to receive a blessing from the highest Catholic leader.

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