Masturbation is Healthier than Brushing Teeth

January 11, 2012

Masturbation activity or onanism still becomes controversy nowadays. Some people call that men solo sexual activity is dangerous. But medical experts concluded that masturbation is harmless activity, and it even healthier than brushing your teeth every day.

A famous sexologist, Gloria Brame, said that masturbation is a natural and harmless activity. Problem occurs when it done excessively, it will disrupt daily life. " Onanism is part of healthy sex life. This activity is safe and does not dangerous. It even more healthy than You brush your teeth every day, " says Brame.

Brame said, that sex or regular masturbation will train pelvis muscles, prevent erectile dysfunction, and incontinence. Brame advises for having sex or masturbation at least 3 times a week. " Doing masturbation one hour before sex also gives you more control. Masturbation can be an excellent motivation for someone to train themselves to survive longer during sexual intercourse to reach orgasm, " she said.

A study in 2003, in Australia, also mentions that the man who ejaculated more than five times every week, one-third smaller likely to suffer from cancer prostate. Meanwhile, according to hormone therapy specialist, Jennifer Landa, ejaculation can be help raise levels of hormones cortisol which works to increase immunity. " Onanism can produce an atmosphere to strengthen the body immune system, " she concluded.

Amazon Books Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by William Brame & Gloria Brame.

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