Rurouni Kenshin, a Film by Keishi Ohtomo

January 14, 2013

Takeru Sato as Himura Batosai

It was just a coincidence when I found this Rurouni Kenshin first live action movie in DVD version. Samurai X was my favorite anime series since I was at high school. After I saw the movie and searched on wikipedia, the film that was released on August 25, 2012, in Japan, and became no. 1 blockbuster movie in the home country.

Kenshin Himura was my favorite manga character, and I used it as my avatar in several forums I have joined. Below image was the one that I used.

Kenshin Himura

The Journey Begins

The journey begins with scene from Bakumatsu war. In the war, Kenshin Himura (Takeru Sato) has killed many his rivals using his famous Hiten Mitsurugi. Kenshin also meets with his rival, Hajime Saito (Yosuke Eguchi) who is eager to fight the famous Batosai.

By the time Saito meets with Kenshin, the war is over, and Kenshin throws his sword. A samurai, Udo Jine (Koji Kikkawa) wakes up his body which is buried with death samurai. Jine who is possessed by evil spirit, found the Batosai's sword which is left by Kenshin.

Several years after the war, Kenshin arrives in Tokyo as rurouni, the wandering ronin (masterless samurai). At the park, he reads an announcement from the local police, about Batosai who is wanted for murder in several places in Tokyo.

A sword which is pointed on him, has surprised Kenshin, while he is still reading the announcement. Kaoru Kamiya (Emi Takei) suddenly attacks Kenshin, and claims him to be the wanted Batosai.

Why do you carry a sword?, asked Kaoru. It is sakabatō, answered Kenshin. The sakabatō (reverse blade sword) is a sword which should not be used to kill.

Meanwhile, Saito who now joins as law enforcement, is busied with several murders which had done by the fake Batosai, Udo Jine. Saito noticed the death note left by the murderer was different from what real Batosai was often used.

By the time Udo Jine meets with Kenshin, he notices the X scar in Kenshin's left cheek. The X scar which makes Kenshin famous as Batosai.

In order to save Megumi Takani (Yu Aoi), who is captured by Kanryu Takeda (Teruyuki Kagawa) in his mansion, Kenshin and Sanosuke Sagara (Munetaka Aoki) attack Takeda's mansion, which is guarded with hundreds of Takeda's men.

After defeating many Takeda's men, inside the mansion is waiting Banjin Inui (Genki Sudo). Sanosuke asked Kenshin to keep searching inside the mansion, while he will be facing Banjin Inui alone.

In the other side of the mansion, Gein (Gou Ayano), another Takeda's man is waiting for Kenshin. What does happen next? You must see the whole movie by yourself!

My Point of View

I should say perfect with the appearance of the star from Kamen Rider Den-O, Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura. His thin small body is perfect for the manga character.

In this film, the director Keishi Ohtomo is great at the scene take. The Kenshin famous Hiten Mitsurugi fighting technique is well capture here in this film. Although the manga is sometimes loved by most teenagers, but this live action manga is filled with many bloody actions.

The scene that makes me surprised is when Kenshin memorizes on how he had his first scar on his cheek. I never knew that before on the anime series. Although the second scar does not mention in the film, but the whole story is well explained.

So, the X scar is really not done by one sword on one fight, just like I thought before. Another thing is, the famous red kimono that always used by Kenshin, belongs to the late of Kaoru's father.

The bare hand fight between Sanosuke with Banjin Inui is the humour side of the movie. While the best fight in the movie is the fight between Kenshin and Gein.

I give five stars on this movie, the 19th century Japan setting is awesome. The martial art technique is really determined the way of the real samurai. Just like my favorite samurai movie that is also filmed in Japan, The Last Samurai, stars by Tom Cruise.

If you are fans of Kenshin Himura in the Samurai X anime series, I suggest you to see this film. It is really live action manga.

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