Simfoni Luar Biasa (A Special Symphony): A Film by Awi Suryadi

July 07, 2012

Simfoni Luar Biasa

Simfoni Luar Biasa, in which titled when played in Philippines as A Special Symphony, was a film that used 3 languages, Bahasa Indonesia, English and Tagalog (Philippines). A story about singer who gets life lessons from the children with special need. The singer was played brilliantly by famous Philippines singer, Christian Bautista.

The film was released in Indonesia, at September 29, 2011, while in Philippines was already released first at August 3, 2011. The story begins when Jayden (Christian Bautista), a musician, who is still struggled in the music industry, is trying to reach his goal to become a star. One night in Manila City, Philippines, had changed Jayden's life, becoming a broken man, with no money at all.

The funny thing is, he manages to fly to Jakarta, Indonesia to visit his mother, Marlina (Ira Wibowo), who had been separated. The meeting with Mrs. Rinjani (Ira Maya Sopha), the principal of school for children with special need, had made him becoming a new music teacher.

The video about the student's choir which uploaded on youtube, had made the school gets an invitation to go to Students Choir Competition. My favorite scene is when Jayden gets mad to his student's brother when he picked up him. Idiot! Get yourself into the car!, said his student's brother. Don't you ever said that again! Ever!, said Jayden angrily.

But the boy's parent is not happy with Jayden. They both then meet the principal, and ask Mrs. Rinjani to fired Jayden, or they will move their child to another school. That's not our way to yell to our child like the way you did, said the mother. Children! You have 2 children, and not just one. Your son has very amazing voice. You should see his performance! It's too bad to not let him sing at the competition. It'll break his heart, said Jayden.

So what then? Will Jayden leave the school or not? You should see this film! This film had made my eyes is like a broken glass, but not dropped into tears.

Image from Wikimedia.

Source: RCTI, Friday, July 6, 2012, 5 pm (UTC+7).


  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that I like your blog, it helps me to chill down everyday after work.
    Thank you.

  2. where i can download the A Special Symphony thanks

    1. Sorry, I only watched it on local TV at July 6, 2012. A year after the film was released.


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