What's in a name?

May 07, 2012

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
- Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

When parents named their children, the name should have a meaning, for the sake of their children's life. Why? Because the names that've been given to us, are considered to be our parents's prays and hopes for us. Not just only gave such a beautiful name, but it should have a useful meaning.

When I named my son Michael, it was for honouring St. Michael the Archangel, and it's also a Christian baptise name for him. Also for my elder daughter, Devie, which has the meaning of Goddess. So, both my children, which are my very precious treasures, are my Goddess and Angel.

The full name of my children were same on their initial, just what my wife asked me when she was carrying our 2nd child. But the sum of the whole letters of alphabet (A=1 & Z=26) on their names were different. I used numerology on giving their name. #9 for Devie, and #4 for Michael, were the summary of their full names.

You may believe it or not, I knew 2 women named Prihartini and Prihartanti. In Javanese language Prihartini and Prihartanti, in which the same as prihatin means miserable. And even they both were a carrier woman, one got a late married (above aged 35 years old). They both were never showed a free and happy smile, came from their face.

They both are my aunts. Another similiar things are, they both like to be praised, and both of them were never laugh freely, seemed like they both carried a heavy weight on their shoulder.

Weird Name of a City and a Village

Fucking, Austria

A small village in Ober Österreichische, or Upper Austria was named after an Austrian 6th century nobleman named Focko. In German language, Fucking means the place of Focko's people. The village has become famous for the last couple of years, due to its name meaning in English.

Moron, Haiti

A small town in Grande Anse, Haiti, 7 miles from Caribbean Sea, which is also 10 miles from the big city of Jérémie, Haiti. Although Moron means idiot in English, but in Kreyòl ayisyen, Haitian local language, embesil means idiot.

What will happen then, if a man from Fucking, Austria met a woman from Moron, Haiti, and they both felt in love?

Of course they both would get married soon! ..lol.. I guess that's a very bad joke! And very very stupid question is to ask this kind of question. What would they call their children? ..lol..


  1. Those are really some weird names for towns. Very hillarious when read in English.

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