Dream or Hallucination?

April 26, 2012

Have you been experienced a condition where your soul leaves your body? A real dream and not Déjà vu. The Javanese paranormal called it ajian ragasukma, or the act of body and soul. Although it was really dangerous things to do, but I have done it for several times. I'm not mastered on that such Javanese's paranormal expertise, due to I did it only for some purposes.

Do I have a 6th sense? Yes I do. Some people can master their 6th sense by studying, just like a magician, especially an illusionist. But you need an expert to guide you, if not, it will turn your mind to be unstable, or I may say crazy.

The 1st time I did this ajian ragasukma, was when I worked in Jakarta. My mom back home in Sidoarjo was having diarrhea for two days, and didn't get better after taking several medication. That night I talked with my mom by phone, I asked my mom to put a glass of warm water on the dining table. Shortly after, I place a glass of water in front of me. I sat on the floor and begun to meditate, closed my eyes and placed my right palm covered the glass. I imagined myself that I had already arrived at my home, and went to dining table and done exactly the same thing as I did with the glass in front of me. Cast a spell on the glass with a pray for God to give healing for my mom's illness.

Minutes later when I woke from my meditation, I felt that my body had already covered in sweat. Then I took my phone and told my mom to start drinking the water. In the next morning I called my mom by phone to ask what was she felt. She told me that it was getting better. I was not actually believed it for the 1st time, that what I'd done was really healed my mom. Perhaps it's God's will that healed my mom.

But what was happened with my 2nd experienced opened my eyes. I visited my cousin who just had a motorcycle accident, in his bedroom, in Magelang, Central Java, while I was actually in Sidoarjo, East Java. My cousin told me that he saw my arrival in his room, in the night after he got that accident, by phone couple days later. I was doing the visit in my bed just before I went to sleep.

Was it just my dream, or hallucination?

But then again back in 2004, when I was still in dating with my wife, we both were promised to meet again in dream after we have a dinner that night. What happened then was just really surprised me. The next day we both met, we were telling the same dream that we both had last night. What have I done? Before went to bed, I'm only pray to God, that if the Lord permits us, we will meet each other in our dreams.

So, what exactly a dream is?

Dreams, a series of images, thoughts, or emotionsoccuring in the mind during sleep, or daydreaming. In many primitive societies the dream state is considered a sojourn of the soul outside the body during sleep.

Fantasy and dreams may be considered irrational symbolic ways of dealing with reality, comparable to the use of myth and legend by societies. According to Sigmund Freud's book The Interpretation of Dreams, published in 1900, the confused, illogical, and contradictory features of the dream represent the attempt of a cencoring mechanism, to disguise and symbolize the unconscious contents, thus allowing sleep to continue.

Without this censoring mechanism, controversial thoughts and ideas might wake the dreamer, since direct confrontation with unconscious material can't normally be tolerated, and must be suppressed in the waking state. The loss of contact with reality, as experienced in the dream, resembles that occurring in psychosis, but the sane person realizes that he is dreaming, whereas the insane accepts his hallucinations as real.

You can plan your future, but you can not plan your dream before you went to bed

I never get used to remember the dream I had, after I woke up from my sleep, due to I'm a forgetful person. I had broke my own motto above, cause I can plan my own dream. A dream, in which me and my former girlfriend (my wife) had already planned before. Be careful with your dream! Cause it might be come true. Never stop dreaming! Cause nothing is impossible, if it's the will of God.

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud

Click here to read the book on Amazon.com.

The term dream above is taken from Encyclopedia International by Aristide Henri Esser, M.D., Rockland State Hospital, Orangesburg, New York. Image is courtesy of toonpool.com.

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