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February 23, 2012

Jeans called Beauty and The Geek are totally made for geeks. The Holland duo, Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit are really made some invention on wireless keyboard that really expensive and also controversy in my own perspective.

I guess this jeans are never meant to use for ladies, or also to be wear on public place. Look where does the return button place at?

This wireless keyboard jeans doesn't also mention to be waterproof. I assume that this jeans is suitable for those geek jeans collectors that never wash their jeans. If it able to reach global market for the price of £250, will you buy it? Because when I wrote this post, the Holland duo still didn't have enough money to get it ready for the market.

But, still, eventhough it is a quiet weird invention and unusual idea to gain control on your computer without sitting closed behind your PC or laptop, it is really an artistic invention. I guess the high price to get it, due to its artistic value, because you can buy a new laptop with the price of £250.

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