Need for Speed or Need for Food

December 29, 2011

Become superior on super-fast trains technology makes Chinese Government blind to their people's condition. Eventhough it is claimed plagiarized other nations's technology. China has just launched a new generation super-fast trains CRH380.

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With the normal speed of 350 Kph, CRH380 could cover Beijing - Shanghai which is 1,318 km in just over 5 hours. Made of plastic and carbon fiber raw materials just like on an aircraft. For the sake of safety, CRH380 only be operated with average speed of 300 Kph, although designed to go 350 Kph.

The recent incident on July 23, 2011, two fast train accident occurred in Zhejiang Province did not make Chinese Government stop the invention. The Chinese government still continues to develop super-fast train technology. Development of a fast rail network is claimed to cost up to 220 bilion Yuan (US$ 32 billion).

Such a wasteful where most Chinese people still live in poverty. With total population 1,336,718,015 (July 2011 est.), 21.5 million rural population live below the official "absolute poverty" line (approximately $90 per year) in 2007. I assume that not all the people of China will be able to enjoy a fast train CRH380. Ticket prices range between US$ 50 to US$ 200, it is rather difficult to be paid by millions of Chinese people living in poverty.

What then can be proud of by milions of Chinese people who still live miserable and unable to enjoy CRH380?

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