Eyes are The Windows of Soul

September 01, 2011

One of the five senses God has given to us. Unfortunately not all of us can see perfectly. Blind, vision problems like cataracts, nearsightedness, eye minus and so on. Sometimes if one of the senses we have not which function as it should, then all four of our senses will react with more leverage to work beyond the five senses possessed by normal people. It will also trigger the emergence of a sixth sense without us knowing it. Way to bring the sixth sense can also be learned by a person with normal senses, such as a magician.

If we have five senses are normal, so keep & take care. Here are tips to keep our eyes :

  1. If you work or activity using the screen on a PC or laptop. The eyes will get tired if we keep staring at the screen. To fix this, rest your eyes by looking the other direction. With frequent flashes also to avoid your eyes become dry. Adjust the monitor tilt so easily adapted to the position of the eye. Keep the distance between the eyes with a screen about 25-30 cm. Adjust the height of the monitor screen is also slightly below the eye. I recommend you to use the LCD instead of CRT monitors due to the radiation produced is lower. You can also use the screen protector to reduce radiation.
  2. Avoid dust and pollution. Use goggles to protect your eyes from dust and pollution. If you are driving on a motorcycle, wear a helmet mirror. Because dust and pollution can cause eye infection that can cause cataracts.
  3. Change your bad habits when reading a book. Reading with less lighting and read while sleeping is one of them. Reading habits like these make the eyes work harder and can result in minus eye. Reading books preferably with adequate lighting and keep reading distance between 25-30 cm. If too close, can result in nearsightedness in the long run.

Hope these tips can help keeping our eyes. Live a healthy life with a good habit.

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