January 25, 2013

Backlink From Alexa.com

I was amazed when I checked my backlinks on Google Webmaster tools. This blog has a backlink from Alexa.com.

When I searched on Google.com using queries Backlink From Alexa.com, I could not find any info about it on the page 1. Infact, I found one of my post which is titled How To Find Quality Dofollow Backlink As Many As You Can, was on #5 on the page 1 Google result.

Driving with curiosity, I then checked the pagerank of Alexa.com using CheckPagerank.net. I found that Alexa.com has PR8 with Alexa Rank 1,389. The site is listed in DMOZ.org, Google Directory, and Yahoo! Directory. The domain age by the time I checked on January 24, 2013, is 16 years 6 months 7 days, according to Whois created on July 7, 1996.

Alexa logo from Alexa.com

Alexa.com is an Amazon.com company, the leading provider of free, global web metrics. Based on Alexa.com Site Info on Alexa.com, on the same day I checked, from its Alexa Traffic Rank, it has 1,389 in Global Rank and 1,281 Rank in US. While the site reputation is 365,207 sites linking in.

From its certified site metrics, it has 352,809 daily unique visitors, 1,359,557 daily pageviews, 7,700,796 monthly unique visitors and 37,859,231 monthly pageviews.

The data of unique visitors on Alexa.com has shown that there are more than 350 K new webmasters who visited Alexa website everyday. How do I know that the Alexa website visitors is a new webmaster? It's just my own opinion, they could also be advertisers who want to advertise on Alexa. But, If someone is searching for some products or goods, they would go to Amazon.com instead of Alexa.com.

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